Portrait als Halbfigur – Workshop in München

I was in Munich for a Portrait course at Akthof. It was very good, I learned a lot. Also the stay was so lovely. The whole Atelier had such a great atmosphere.
The first day we did sketches of a woman sitting. I used acrylics and hated them. Fortunately I had black and white Schmincke oil colours too, so the next day I switched to oils and it was great. This was my first oil portrait. I did the drawing in charcoal and began to add the darks with the black oil colour. I adjusted a lot as I went along with the painting. The portrait was a typical 3/4 view which for me is the hardest. I had to start anew two times.
The course was very challenging but I enjoyed it very much. I will definitely switch to oils at some point but at the moment I feel I have to learn a lot more about drawing portraits before I begin to waste precious oil colours.

art course, oil portrait