Portrait Course July 2015 with Klaus Henkelmann

Finally I found the time for a new portrait course. It was about practicing drawing from live models. It lasted four days and we had four very interesting models. I’ll post my drawings now. I excluded four drawings, where the proportions were really off. Otherwise, I got great feedback and the teacher said I should practice more from live models than from photographs. I know that but it’s not so easy to have a model who sits for me. Then I should draw at least on an A3 size paper. The head should be as long as my stretched hand. He also showed me how to measure properly. I should take an already established facial feature and look how much it fits into other facial parts.

The sessions were only 25 minutes long, so all the drawings are kind of unfinished. However, my time management got better at the end of the course.

First day, young girl:

Second day was an older guy, but the drawings were not accurately. 

Third day:

Fourth day:

I really like the last one. Although it was a different pose I managed to draw it quite accurately.

To sum up, it was a great course. And I definitely need more of this for becoming a better artist.

drawing course, portrait